Loyalty Beyond Limits ~ Coterie™
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a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, especially one that is exclusive of other people.


Founded in 2015 Coterie set out to establish a brand that would bring together a clique of like-minded individuals together. Created by two entrepreneurial brothers, Coterie formed its unique identity. Our love and passion for creating quality products come off the back of our relentless hustle and musical inspiration.


A Streetwear brand that has been developed for the coterie of those who know and respect the streets. Not only from what the grind have taught them about being human but the growth they have achieved from such relentless hustle. That have respect, loyalty and dedication to their crew and comprehension that movement must be as a unit in order to conquer the landscape.


“Remember your position. Position yourself and your team on high ground, General”


Our process from concept to design and manufacture is all handled in house and created by our hands. The vision is to bring the highest quality product to those who know the hustle and bring you onboard on our #teamcoterie vision.